Jerome Touraine

 Training, learning and spending time with womderful people During a weeklong visit to France, Fäktning för synskadade and our blind fencing club Prêt were in a cozy beautiful town called Bouillargues. We have been training, learning and spending some time and having some amazing experiences with many wonderful people from 6 different clubs from all over France.
During our time there we had the opportunity to talk with Jerome Touraine from the French club ACSC Cormeilles of Paris. Jerome has been fencing for four years; prior to that, sports for handicap persons did not exist in his region thus he became the very first person to start fencing in a wheelchair.  Fencing in a wheelchair.
 Jerome Touraine in a fencing wheelchair For Jerome fencing is a great way to meet people, a great sport and now it has become a passion. He enjoys competing at a national level, and he is actually very good at it. Jerome already has a relationship with Sweden, he has been in Sweden several times and he loves the country. He found the people of Sweden very open minded and very accepting. He feels that Sweden offers the opportunity and facilities for people with special needs can truly develop themselves. We hope to see you soon in Sweden again Jerome.


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