Integration through fencing

Fencing for the blind is suitable for both, children and adults as well as for men and women. This year we had the opportunity to implement activities with different groups, such as children with visual impairments and people with different disabilities and we saw that fencing is a sport that strengthens the individual and that is practiced with joy because it’s fun.
We want to promote group learning of fencing. We also intend to support and promote quality of life, equal opportunities, and integration and independence of the participants with blind or low vision. But we mainly focus our activity as an integration project. Our participants are Swedish and Non-Swedish sighted and blind or with low vision people. All of them practice fencing together and wear an eyeshade during training, this way they learn on equal terms. The use of the eyeshade also allows sighted participants become aware of what it feels like while they occupy the place of the ”other”, understand in practice what to lose vision means, and how to get oriented in space works for them, developing other senses such as hearing.
One of our goals in the longer term aims to establish “fencing for the blind and low vision” in Sweden not only as a part of the rehabilitation usually offered to people with visual disabilities, but also as a recognized sport. And in that direction it is we are working. Four of our fencers are training to participate in a competition in Portugal.
Hereby we will continue to report on our achievements.


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